Upcoming conferences

Canadian Non-Wood Fibre Show
         The Canadian Non-Wood Fibre show will take place on Thursday, January 29, 1998 at the Palais des Congres, in Montreal, Quebec. The speaker’s list includes: G. X. Pan and G. J. Leary from the Alberta Research Council (wheat straw); F. Correira and D. N. Roy from the University of Toronto (hemp); K. Goel and R. Eiser of Domtar and G. Sherson from Noranda (switchgrass); R. Kozlowski, J. Mankowski, and L. Grabowski from the Institute of Natural Fibres, Poland (flax and hemp); H. Pande and D. N. Roy from the University of Toronto (kenaf); G. J. van Roekel and M. H. B. Snijder from ATO-DLO Agrotechnology, The Netherlands (bast fibers); along with M. Parenteau from Cascades and C. Goyette from the Paperboard Industries Corporation (corn stalks). An additional panel discussion will consist of agronomists and researchers working with these annual fibres; P. Girouard and R. Samson from R.E.A.P (switchgrass); P. Watson and P. A. Bicho from Paprican (wheat straw); and G. Scheifele from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs office (hemp).
     "We have selected an intriguing blend of specialists and researchers who are working with non-wood fibres for the pulp and paper industry", says Sotos Petrides, President of Wiseman Noble, "These annual crops - industrial hemp, flax, kenaf and switchgrass could be a definite non-wood alternative for some Canadian mills and companies."
     "Over the past few years, the pulp and paper industry has been researching potential uses of a variety of non-wood sources of cellulose", says Robert Wood of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. "The experts who have kindly agreed to participate in this full day program will be able to provide the audience with considerable insight as to the feasibility of utilizing such plant fibers in our mills."
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Discovery ‘98 Agri-Food and Fibre Forum
         The Discovery ‘98 Agri-Food and Fibre Forum, will be held in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada on February 6th, 1998, The event is co-produced by the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Equity Fund and Wiseman Noble Sales and Marketing Ltd..
     Sponsors for this year’s Wiseman Noble events include the Bank of Montreal, The Cannabis Cafe, The Canadian Pulp & Paper Association and the Saskatchewan Agri-Food Equity Fund.
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Commercial & Industrial Hemp Symposium II
         The second annual Commercial & Industrial Hemp Symposium will be held February 18-19, 1998 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, Vancouver, B. C., Canada. "Increasing Returns" is the theme for Vancouver’s international event, which will focus on regulations for commercial hemp growth expected to be proposed by Health Canada’s Health Protection Branch by January, 1998.
     "We are very excited. This year’s event takes place in a climate of impending legalization. This will influence every Canadian industry and could give Canada the leading edge in matters relating to international trade of this emerging crop," says Petrides, President of Wiseman Noble. "All players with a stake in this new industry are awaiting Health Canada’s proposed regulations. This will definitely affect international markets".
     International experts will speak on topics ranging from biotechnology, cultivation, primary processing, manufacturing, pulp and paper, and technology transfer. In addition, esteemed discussion panelists will examine the impacts and implications of the legislation and regulations being handed down.
     This year’s Trade Fair will provide additional excitement, glamour and business opportunities as well as more guest speakers, who will address both trade and public audiences on issues such as: How to Start a Hemp Business, Financing Opportunities, and Hemp Foods and Health. The Trade Fair will also feature famous hemp authors. High-profile fashion shows will host buyers from the North American retail industry, who are waiting to stock hemp fashion in major chains.
     "We are very pleased with this year’s selection of speakers and exhibitors. Now that Health Canada is preparing regulations for the commercial growth of hemp in Canada we are seeing this industry begin to move forward," states Petrides.
     "This will be the crowning jewel of the Canadian research. We are bringing the best to the some 1,200 symposium delegates that we are expecting and 5,000 buyers from component industries. Canadian research will also include valuable information from work conducted in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec on topics ranging from seed varieties and yield, to production of building materials and market testing of hemp oil for the cosmetic, food and hair care industries. It will be glorious," boasts Petrides.
     The international speakers will cover topics relating to hemp cultivation, processing, manufacturing, health, and production of hemp seed and fiber. International speakers will be coming from Finland, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom to discuss their involvement in this emerging billion-dollar industry, which will off-set strains facing existing industries and will assist in creating new employment and investment opportunities worldwide.
     The Commercial & Industrial Hemp Symposium II speakers will include; Stan Blade (Alberta), Jace Callaway (Finland), Kenneth W. Domier (Alberta), John Hobson of Hemcore Ltd. (United Kingdom), Geof Kime (Ontario), Prof. Dr. Ryszard Kozlowski (Poland), Jean M. Laprise of Kenex Ltd. (Ontario), Gero Leson, President Consolidated Growers & Processors (Germany), Erwin Lloyd of Bio Composite Solutions (British Columbia), Prof. Paul G. Mahlberg (Indiana), Jack Moes (Manitoba), Jerzy Prytyk (Quebec), Gordon Scheifele (Ontario), Ruth Shamai of The Natural Order (Ontario) and Don Wirtshafter of The Ohio Hempery (Ohio).
     Sponsors of this year’s Commercial & Industrial Hemp Symposium II include The Bank of Montreal, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Food, The Canadian Pulp & Paper Association, The Cannabis Café and Commercial Hemp Magazine.
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Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo
         Spring equinox, March 21 and 22, 1998, will be a hemp weekend to remember in Santa Cruz, California. The Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo will feature over 50 booths sponsored by hemp companies offering products ranging from foods and body care products to apparel and housing. There will also be a symposium of speakers including Chris Conrad, Jack Herer, Agi Orsi, John Stahl, John Dvorak, John Roulac, and Mari Kane. Panel discussions are also planned.
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ICRS symposium
         A symposium on cannabinoids sponsored by the International Cannabinoid Research Society will be held at La Grande Motte, France from July 23-25, 1998. Original papers in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, pharmacology, psycho-social and clinical investigations on the cannabinoids, endogenous cannabinoids and marijuana.
        Sanofi Recherche has kindly
sponsored the conference center and a banquet at Abbaye de Valmagne on July 23, 1998.
     For more information please contact:
     Diane Mahadeen, Director,
     International Cannabinoid Research
     Society, 98 Brookes Ave., Burlington VT 05401-3326
     Tel: 802-865-0970
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     e-mail: icrs@together.net

Nordic Conference
         The First Nordic Conference on Flax and Hemp Processing, NORDFLAX I, will be held from August 10-12, 1998 in Tampere, Finland. The main theme of NORDFLAX I is, "Added value through industrial cooperation." Preliminary topics include: Production of various crop types, value-added by-products, the potential of gene technology, future world trade trends, harvesting and mechanical decortication, chemical and biotechnical processing, pretreatment, dyeing and finishing, linen fabrics in clothing and fashion, technical applications and environmental issues.
     For further information please contact:
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HIA Convention
         The 5th annual Hemp Industries Convention will be held at the Isis Oasis in Sonoma County CA September 19, 20 and 21, 1998.