IHA Cannabis Educational Pack

        The IHA has assembled an educational package for teachers and policy makers. Included are valuable references containing sufficient information to prepare educators with the background needed to accurately explain the value of Cannabis as an agricultural crop. A slide series illustrating the various beneficial uses of Cannabis and actual examples of Cannabis products currently being made and sold worldwide are included. The Cannabis educational package is available to IHA members for US $50.00 which covers the cost of the materials and postage. U. S. residents add US$10.00 for Air Postage or wait 6 weeks for surface delivery. Non-members may purchase the Cannabis Educational Pack for US $100.00, if the IHA has any remaining after member sales. (Note: The added US $50.00+ margin above cost for non-members is to encourage their membership!) Contact the IHA now to order yours. (Notice: Some items in the Educational Package may occasionally be out of stock or substituted with different items.)

List of items included in the International Hemp Association Cannabis Educational Pack

(Notice: Some items in the Edu-Pak may occasionally be out of stock or substituted with different items. Please suggest any items you feel would be appropriate to include in the Edu-Paks.)