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advancement of Cannabis
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Journal of the International Hemp Association

Vol. 1 No. 1 June 1994

Maintenance of Cannabis germplasm - VIR Gene Bank - 1993
Maintenance of Cannabis germplasm - VIR Gene Bank - 1994
The effect of fibre hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) on selected soil-borne pathogens
Medical Marijuana
Hemp Pulp and Paper Production
Commercial hemp cultivation in the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries
The UK hemp project in 1993
Hemp or wood: potential substitutes
Hemp in Australia
Paper from Dutch Hemp?
Book Review: Bioregional Fibres
Book Review: Marijuana, the first twelve thousand years
Interview: Professor Dr. Raphael Mechoulam
American Hemp Culture Verbatim
Guide for Authors
Clean hemp pulp technology
Marijuana and driving ability
Higher yields from late hemp
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