International Hemp Association
Dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis
through the dissemination of information

International Hemp Association (IHA), Postbus 75007, 1070 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel/Fax: +31 (0)20 618-8758, email:

2007 annual membership fees are:
Students: € 30 / US$ 35 Individuals: € 40 / US$ 45
Business/ Sustaining Membership: € 75 / US$ 85 or more
(Please note that Business affiliations will be listed only if membership is of the Sustaining/Business category!)

Please click here to download the
2007 International Hemp Association Membership Application Form. (PDF file 85K)

Dear prospective member,
     Thank you for your interest in the International Hemp Association (IHA). The IHA is dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis, through the dissemination of information. The IHA publishes a peer-reviewed scientific journal entitled the Journal of Industrial Hemp twice yearly.

     The Journal of Industrial Hemp (JIH) covers a wide range of Cannabis topics from fiber to medicine. The journal has been published since 2002 by The Haworth Press and is the successor of the Journal of the International Hemp Association. The journal publishes both peer-reviewed scientific papers and more popular papers as well as columns. Please refer to our journal for a detailed look at our aims and accomplishments.

     A renewal of your IHA membership is encouraged for 2007. All members of the IHA for 2007 will receive two issues of the new JIH journal each year for a reduced individual yearly membership fee of € 40/$45. Business and institutional members can join for € 75/$85 annually.

     The Haworth Press requests that members join before the first issue is printed each year and refrain from joining during the year, so that mailing will be more efficiently handled. Purchasing the journal directly from The Haworth Press at the same price will be possible, but IHA members will also receive our membership directory and will be entitled to such IHA benefits as discounts on books, the use of our library, and our advice. In addition, IHA members are welcome to contact us for an appointment to visit the IHA industrial hemp collection and library at our offices in Amsterdam. Extra funds raised by the IHA will be used for future projects such as the establishment of an independent fiber identification laboratory and textile certification program. The IHA is a member service organization staffed by volunteers. We try to answer all requests for Cannabis information. However, we always attend to the needs of our members first. We encourage prospective journal subscribers to also join the IHA. All 13 back issues of the Journal of the International Hemp Association are US $15.00 (postpaid) per issue for members and US $25.00 (postpaid) for nonmembers.

     Businesses should join as sustaining members and will then be listed under the business name in our membership directory. Our most important project is financing the multiplication and preservation of the Vavilov Research Institute Cannabis seed collection. The IHA also sells a Cannabis Educational Package to Members only for US$ 50.00 that contains several books, a transparency set, audio tape and many samples of hemp products. On the reverse side you will find a membership application. We welcome all serious Cannabis researchers and enthusiasts to join the IHA and we hope to hear from you again soon.

The International Hemp Association Staff

International Hemp Association (IHA), Postbus 75007, 1070 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel/Fax: +31 (0)20 618-8758, email: